Author: Activate the principal of English Primary School Luo Xujun


The application for Primary 1 admission has already begun, how can parents choose the right school for their children? How do you know what a school is all about? Children’s characteristics are important, but the plasticity of children is very large, relatively speaking, parents’ expectations for education and whether the school can meet parents’ expectations are even more important. Parents can learn about a school in the following ways:


1. School website

Many parents will learn about the school through the school website, but the design direction of different school websites is different, and it is not easy to compare with each other. However, the website can generally provide some basic information, which is a convenient way to understand the school.


2. Primary School Overview

The Primary School Overview is also a way to obtain basic information about schools. However, contrary to the website, because the edition of “Primary School Overview” has restrictions on the title and word count, it seems easier to compare, but it is difficult to see the characteristics of the school, so “Primary School Overview” can only be regarded as providing an additional convenient way for parents to know the school.


3. Learn through word of mouth

Collecting different people’s evaluations of the school, that is, the general reputation of the school, can be an important way to understand the school, and in fact, it is also an important factor for most parents to consider. However, through “word of mouth” to understand the school, parents have two points to pay attention to. First, everyone’s observations may be incomplete, and the school will change, and parents should listen to different people’s opinions. Second, everyone has different expectations for education, and others think that the advantages are important, but you do not necessarily think that they are important, and you may even think that they are shortcomings.


4. Visit the school

What about visiting schools? Some people doubt that visiting the school can see the real face, but I think it is still important to contact in person. Each school has a message that she expects the public to know, that is, the elements that the school values, which can be learned during the visit. The school wants everyone to know whether her students are disciplined or confident or confident. Does she emphasize high academic standards, or is it a variety of activities? Parents can make comparisons from this.