Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association has been established for 21 years. The association has been well developed and become an effective channel between the school and the parents. The association is responsible for holding various parent-child activities and parenting workshops which parents show active support. The parent committee members are actively involved in the association. They hold parent-teacher meetings regularly, discuss in organizing different activities and offer professional advice that foster the sustainable development of the school. The committee members work closely with the school staffs and has built a caring, positive partnership with the school.

The 21st Parent Teacher Association Inaugural Ceremony was held on 12th October 2020. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our school supervisor Mr Suen Chi Shing, our school director Mr Wong Lun Sui and Mr Wong Cheuk Fung, the pastor of Chinese Rhenish Church – Tai Po for their support and for giving the inaugural certificate to the new committee members.

Committee members of the 21st Parent-Teacher Association:

Chairman:Ms Siu Tsz Mei
Vice-Chairman:Ms Tse Yuk Ming, Principal Leung Wai Fun
Secretary:Ms Lee Yee Sum, Ms Ho Sau King
Treasurer:Ms Ng Cho King, Ms Fong Wai Ki
Liaison:Mr Chan Ka Ming, Vice Principal Chan Yun Fon
Recreation:Ms Law Yuet Tsui, Ms Liu Ngan Ping
General affairs:Mr Ho Ka Yu, Ms Tsui Wing Yin, Ms Sin Nga Ying, Ms Ng Pui Fong

Members of the 21st Parent-Teacher Association